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Process automation :

Zapier, new on TimeTonic

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At timetonic, we are always trying to improve our product to better fit our customers’ needs.

That’s why we’re happy to announce our newest feature, Zapier !

Zapier is a tool that enables the user to connect the apps used daily, in order to automate tasks. it includes over 1000 apps that are very frequently used, such as Gmail, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and social media as well.

Now, TimeTonic, your visual cloud based project management plateform, is one of the many apps you can automate, and synchronise with a 1000 other ones !

The automation rules that are possible are as many as your imagination goes.

For example :

  • Your list of emails will automatically be sent as soon as you update the project status on TimeTonic.
  • Automatic updates on Social media
  • Create TimeTonic tasks from emails on gmail
  • Update a project status on TimeTonic
  • And many more !

With this feature, the workflow becomes a lot more easier and organized. All the repetitive mechanical tasks are now being taken care of, and you are free to focus on more creative and important aspects.

The concept is pretty easy. In order to create a "Zap" (an automation rule), all you need to do this :

  1. Decide what rule you want to create
  2. Set a trigger : new update on a TimeTonic table or view
  3. Link it on Zapier with the selected app
  4. Enjoy being relieved of a repetitive workload !

Click here to get access to TimeTonic on Zapier :

For more help check the TimeTonic support center.

And for more information, make sure to check our What's New page :

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